Tyler Menezes

Welcome to my website! There's not much here, so you might want to check out this Wikipedia page for more info.

My full-time job is getting kids excited about coding in 49 cities, through events like CodeDay. For this work I've been recognized as one of Forbes Magazine's "30 Under 30" in 2019 among others.

For fun, I help organize Ignite Seattle, co-teach a high school CS class through TEALS, and help keep people from blocking the walkways at PAX.

In a past life, I worked directly in technology, including publishing some papers at Microsoft Research Machine Learning and Applied Statistics, and running a YC and venture-backed startup similar to Periscope (before Periscope).

(The .vc in this domain name means nothing — it was just the only TLD available with my first name in 2012.)

Current/Upcoming Travel

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